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The Bastard in All of Us 03/20/02 05:41 PM
Posted By: Fritz
I know I'm not the only feels this way, I'm just one of the very few that will say this shit.

Why bother? 02/04/02 05:40 AM
Posted By: Fritz
There's a new rant up, as well as the grand opening of SHEBA CAM. So go check those out and leave me the hell alone.

Fritzmas time is here! 12/17/01 02:21 PM
Posted By: Fritz
It's been a while since my last update...but to be honest, that last update was a hard act to follow. It's not everyday that I totally decimate a public restroom. I guess that's a good thing...it could get expensive after a while. Imagine being the pimple-faced teen who had to clean up the john that night... ::shudder::

I need TP for my bunghole 09/27/01 06:11 PM
Posted By: Fritz
Coming Soon: The Bastard World Tour!

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