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October 2002

For the longest time, Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd was just another song I'd sit and enjoy while drinking half a bottle of vodka, but today at work, ironically, a thought caressed my brain cell. *I* was a brick in the wall. In fact…all of us here, and all of you reading this, we are ALL just bricks. I can't quite figure out what the song is exactly about, because I don't smoke banana peels dipped in LSD or whatever it is you fucking hippies do, but to me it means that my existence is purely for the benefit of others. Alone, I am useless…but put me together with other bricks and we help support people who can't or won't support themselves.

Yes. I'm jaded and bitter. Fuck you…let me rant.

My job. What I do is not important, but without me doing my job…someone very rich will be in the uncomfortable position of getting a task done that requires some sweating. Rich people don't sweat, unless you're Rosie O'Donnell. I am hired so that rich people don't have to actually WORK. I'm sure as hell not getting rich doing what I'm doing, but someone is, judging by the prices they charge customers for this shit I'm making. Don't ask what I do. I couldn't begin to explain it and you couldn't begin to understand it. I help make things that go in different larger things to make other smaller things. Leave it at that. I wear steel toe boots, I smell like a sweaty fat guy when I get home.

My job is to make someone else's life easier. Now, I'm ok with that as long as that other person is my wife…but if that other person is some SUV driving, golf playing, cell phone ringing during a movie, yuppie cunt assclown…well, I want my life back. No, I don't have a receipt.

The rich get richer because they have money to invest into profitable ventures. I'd be a rich yuppie cunt too if I had money to get started. Real Estate, my boy…REAL ESTATE! And Plastics…the world would be living in shit covered huts and throwing spears at shadows if it weren't for Plastics. (And dynamite…but that's another rant.)

So, here I am, a middle class brick in a middle class wall. Who needs this wall, anyway? Rich folk. Why do they need it? Poor folk. The rich folk don't wanna deal with the poor folk's shit…so there I am, protecting the rich folk from any duress caused by being removed from their cushy lives at the ski resort, plastic surgeon, golf lodge, or whatever it is those scum bags do with their money.

Poor folk. I talked about them before here. Earlier I mentioned how our job is to support those who can't support themselves. This applies to both the rich and the poor folk, and all of us bourgeoisie bricks get the lovely task of working for both of them until we die. Call me a Marxist, if you must, but I can't help but feel a wee bit robbed when I put in 50+ hours a week so that crack heads in prison can get free cable, welfare whores can spawn their brood, and politicians can fuck interns…and then kill them.

Do these people have no morals? Do you think they are capable of feeling remorse? No…because that would require free thought and logic. Ya wanna know the best thing about free thought? It's FUCKING FREE! Free shit rules. When yer whole life revolves around pleasing others with your hard earned, and heavily taxed, income, ya kinda get a big fat boner when something free comes your way. Grab that free shit and use it!

Where was I? Oh, right, being oppressed.

Why am I supporting these people? Who appointed me "Savior and Protector of Those Who Can't Be Bothered With Trivial Things Like Working For A Living" and how do I get demoted to something a little less stressful. Demoted, what the fuck am I saying?! I want a promotion. I wanna be "Chief Executive Ass Inspector" for Larry Flynt's empire of smut. A job that would pay me to look at butts…the only thing that could be better would be if I got the summers off to follow Jimmy Buffet on tour around the country. Yeah…now we're talking.

Aside from entering into a lucrative life of crime, there really isn't much anyone can do to change this aspect of our world. I guess you could play the lottery, but that's just another way all of us bricks are being abused. It's a voluntary tax. Keep holding that carrot in front of the donkey…he'll keep chasing it. Us working folk, we're the donkey, the rich man is the carrot, the poor man is the cart. I fucking love analogies, can ya tell? The donkey (hard worker) has the idea that with some effort he can get a reward (get a rich carrot) for pulling the cart (the poor folk get a free ride). Make sense now? There will be a test on this…take notes. Something else to be gained from this analogy: Eat the Rich.

The best part is when either of these life sucking groups has the fucking nerve to complain about ANYTHING. They have an easy ride, courtesy of you and me, and they DARE to say things aren't FAIR? I don't know what more these subhumans want, they already own, can buy, or are given everything they need. How much blood can they possibly drain from us? When I was a useless punkass teenager, minus the pimped Honda Civic and booming stereo of course, I never understood why adults complained so much. Now I know. The world sucks…and no amount of ranting is going to change that. So the next time some group of wankers is going on about some stupid shit…remind them that no one has it harder than we do. When you have calluses thicker than the rich Corinthian leather of a 1978 Chrysler Cordoba, only then will you have my permission to *think* about *maybe* saying something sucks.

This is the part where you say, "Get to the point!" I don't have one. Life sucks, get used to it.

Another irony in this whole "brick in the wall" epiphany I've had: The Free Masons control everything.

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