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Whining Fucking Maggots
November 1999

The more I have to deal with people, the more I love you for not being one of them. Why can't people just learn to have fun?! Lighten up! We are only stuck on this fucking rock called Earth for a short time, why can't we make the best of it? While I'm here, I want to have as much fun (and as much sex) as I possibly can before I cash in my chips. I don't want to spend my time worrying about dumb shit like paying bills, politics, war, poverty, and other people's feelings, FUCK OTHER PEOPLE! Who gives a damn about them!? Do you really think they give two shits about how *we* feel? Do you think they'd feel bad if they knew all the dumb shit they did made us loopy in the head, register ridiculous domain names, and then rant like madmen? Hell no! They'd do it more, just to piss us off! No one gives a shit about anyone but themselves, so why should we be any different? As long as these morons stay out of my way and don't interfere in my personal life, I care not of what they do. Whenever there is a natural disaster somewhere in the world, everyone gets all fruity about it. WHY? Does it really effect you and your daily life? Do you really think that a landslide in Manilla or a flood in China is really going to change the fact that you STILL have to go to work today? Famine and plague in India is no reason to lose sleep. If you aren't a member of the Kennedy family, then you really shouldn't give a CRAP that the dumb sonuvabitch didn't know how the hell to fly a fucking plane! The price of milk and bread will still be the same today as it was yesterday (and you still won't be able to find Pokemon cards) even if there is another war in Africa.

I am not my brother's keeper.

Let's try to keep this rant stateside, shall we? All I know is that my life would be so much easier if exactly half of the people in this country were deported. Traffic would die down, jobs would be easier to find, and there would be less houses, but more TREES! I like trees...they don't bother me, and I don't bother them. If, and this is a long shot, a tree does SOMEHOW manage to bother me...I can just cut his ass down. Then use his corpse to cook marshmallows and make S'mores.

There should be standarized tests given to EVERYONE in this country. To get a drivers license, to vote, to go outside your house, to get on the highway, to breathe...should all require a test to see if you are smart enough to handle that kind of responsibility. Did you know that 57% of the people who buy a handgun, buy them so they can commit suicide. Don't they screen these people before hand? The 7 day waiting period is to see if they have a criminal record or homicidal tendencies...do they bother to check to see if that person is clinically depressed and suicidal? What do I care...that 57% just isn't low enough, actually.

I'm done. This has gone on long enough. Stop the planet, I want off.

...and now, a guest rant. Lorina would like to add:

I am so sick of whiny people who are so concerned with other people's (who they don't know, especially) feelings. Who ever gave a rat's ass about our feelings when we were little nerds getting picked on? And did all that tormenting hurt? At the time, a little, but in the long run? HELL NO! It was COPING with the bad crap that life has dealt us that makes us the strong individuals we are today! If someone can't cope, screw 'em.

Don't forget the "breeding" licenses. That would cut down on the population... if only the smart were allowed to procreate. If you narrow it down even further, to the smart and attractive... well, then there wouldn't be too many people around. But the stupid and totally clueless must be permitted to reproduce in small quantities... cuz there still has to be some people to do menial tasks like make us pancakes and pizza.

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